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User needs driven innovation has led to development of the training cabin Lighter Days

HabiTurn has developed Lighter Days, which is a motivating home training cabin for effective and safe rehabilitation. The key inventor Trine Wulff made an earlier extensive trial investigating key drivers and key barriers to effective training among people with strong training barriers (the Better Balance Coaching project). Trine has personally collaborated with several people in the key target group with very positive results. Afterwards, Trine has made extensive trainings of healthcare professionals and management teams in how to motivate people with strong training barriers in effective training and rehabilitation. Lighter Days is based on significant end user needs explored through hands-on research, and combats key barriers to training for people with strong training barriers.
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Lighter Days – The technology

An app and an intelligent and nudging high tech training cabin integrating light therapy ensure that home training is tailored to the individual patient for the best possible progress and outcome. The patent protected cabin embraces any existing technology and patient group chosen by local healthcare providers. Lighter Days is delivered in a professional quality, considering medical device regulations, future technologies within rehabilitation, repetitive transportations to new users, training of staff and end users, etc.

Market focus

First market focus is professional health care providers in Nordic countries, taking advantages of welfare technology solutions as a way to speed up patients’ recovery. Our market research indicates a strong interest from municipalities in achieving concepts increasing citizens’ motivation to perform effective rehabilitation at home, also among people with strong training barriers. Further, our market research indicates an interest in a consumer variant of the training cabin (leasing model or similar system).