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Today, people with health distress are seldom motivated to execute unsupervised, effective training. This starts a negative spiral, creating more health distress and increasing expenses to homecare, sickness benefits, etc. A key market trend is to offer active and cost-effective rehabilitation. Virtual rehabilitation for home training is part of this trend, but only for selfmotivated patients. In Nordic countries, there is great awareness of finding better ways to combat social inequality in health. Lighter Days can be an effective weapon in this battle.
Lighter Days is a training cabin increasing the energy and motivation to execute EFFECTIVE training at home, also for people with significant training barriers. Lighter Days can be used with most training systems, including virtual rehabilitation.

Our users* experience following benefits:

  • More positive feeling during training
  • More energy during training
  • Stretching/doing more exercises than expected
  • Feeling more safe during training
  • Feeling smart, using a high tech training cabin
  • Nice that safe training can be executed at home
  • Nice that the training cabin also works with favourite training programs due to the app
The benefits** are multi-fold:
  • Patients will easier overcome to perform effective training at home, making it more likely to initiate effective training fast and thereby recover faster after disease and frailty
  • Healthcare providers will reduce costs to e.g. homecare services, training sessions and patient transportation, as more patients will improve their independency through use of Lighter Days
* Interview feedback from test persons having tested a functional prototype of Lighter Days at home

** We still need to proof above benefits in a large-scale randomized controlled trial including health economic parameters. Above benefits are our qualified expectations/hypotheses to the results of such a study, which is under preparation.